Our Noorsveld Chicken brand is a value-added range of poultry products. This includes pre-packaged cuts, spiced variants, and marinated options. This leg of the business is nearly fully free-range, and we hope to achieve this dream in the near future.

Whole Chicken

Whole Chicken: Tray | Bag
Spatchcock Chicken: Honey & Pine | BBQ | Sweet Curry | Original Braai / EP Braai | 6 Gun Grill

Halves & Quarters

Half Chicken: 1x Pack (Tray)
Leg Quarters: 4x Pack


Thighs: 4 Pack
Portuguese Thighs: 6Pack
Stuffed Thighs: 2 Pack Plain or BBQ
Espatadas: (4x Deboned Thighs on a stick) Sweet Curry, Takatala, Monkey Gland, Portuguese Marinade


Drumsticks: 6 Pack
Knopkieries: (Spiced drumstick on a stick) 4 per Pack BBQ, Original Braai/ EP Braai, 6 Gun Grill, Honey & Pine, Sweet Curry

Chicken Wings

Regular wings: 6 Pack
Buffalo wings:
18-20 Pack in Honey & Pine, BBQ, Sweet Curry, Original, Braai/ EP Braai, 6 Gun Grill
Sunsetters: (wings on a stick) 6 per Pack BBQ, Sweet Curry, Original Braai/ EP Braai, 6 Gun Grill

Fillet Meat

Breast: 2 Pack | 10kg Bulk Pack
Smoked Fillet:
2 Pack
Regular Fillet: 4 Pack | 2kg Bulk Pack | 5kg Bulk Pack
Minute Steaks: 3 Pack BBQ, Lemon and Herb, Portuguese Marinade, Chinese  Honey, Sweet and Sour
Stir Fry: 300g-340gStir Fry 300g-340g
Sosaties: 6 per Pack Marinaded

Braai Packs

6 Pieces: 2x Wings, 2x Drumsticks, 2x Thighs
12 Pieces: 4x Thighs, 4x Drumsticks, 4x Breast
16 Pieces: 8x Thighs, 8x Drumsticks
Star Pack: 4x Thighs & 4x Drumsticks
Super Braai: 1x Sosatie, 1x Wors, 1x Thigh, 1x Knopkierie


400g Pack: Lemon Pepper, Sweet Chilli,
Bangers with Honey, Majiek, Smokey BBQ

Chicken Patties

4 Pack: Lemon Pepper, Garlic and Herb, Smokey BBQ

Chicken Meatballs

6 Pack: Lemon Pepper, Garlic and Herb, Smokey BBQ

Chicken Mince

500g or 1kg Packs

Chicken Giblets

Giblets: 340g-350g Packs

Chicken Necks

Necks: 500g-510g Packs

Chicken Hearts

Hearts: 340g-350g Packs


Livers: 340g-350g Packs
Fat: 400g Packs
Backs: 10kg Bags
Bones: 10kg Bags
Heads and Feet: 1kg Packs