At Noorsveld Chicken, we are passionate about our birds and the community.

Our History

28 Years ago, with 300 birds and George by his side, a dream was born for Gerrit Dos Santos. Little did he know that a story would unfold, one where he would see the local community uplifted and lives changed. As the business grew, his passion for farming grew as he saw the impact Noorsveld Chicken could make.

Gerrit could never have done this alone. In 2015, he hand-picked farmers to join Noorsveld Chicken. This has given the business the opportunity to venture into both free range and non-growth promoting hormone chicken farming. The birds naturally mature in a stress-free environment with the assistance of the farmers, who are all passionate about what they are doing.

Going forward, Gerrit is blessed to know that he has a daughter and a son who are both passionate about the business. It gives him great pleasure to delve into new ideas coming from the next generation. He has full confidence in his children and know that they will take the business to the next level as they work alongside him. 


When you love what you do, it is not a job, it is a joy

Our Mission and Values

At Noorsveld Chicken we believe in growing our birds using Non-GMO feed. This means that the feed is not been injected with an array of antibiotics or growth hormones, which can otherwise wreak havoc on the human body.

The use of GMO feed is a divisive subject and one that continues to evolve as more data is published.

The best way to protect your health through the foods you eat is by getting to know the people who produce your meats, fruits, and vegetables. We will be introducing the team and our farmers to you soon!

Chicks are sensitive to heat and cold. In order for them to grow and thrive, they need to be housed in just the right conditions. A heating system keeps them warm during colder periods, furthermore, ventilation flaps open and close to assist with temperature control.

At Noorsveld Chicken, we love our birds! Our Homegrown Chickens receive NON-GMO feed, meaning that what they consume is not genetically modified. They also grow up freely as they get to roam.


We believe in growing our birds using Non-GMO feed