Meet Justin Krige!

Justin was born on the farm and shared the home with his mom, dad, brother and sister.

Unfortunately, his father passed away in a tractor accident when he was still very young and the family decided to move back to Port Elizabeth. Even though there was a farm manager, this meant the farm stood empty for 21 years.

After completing his schooling at Grey, his studies in Stellenbosch, spending time in the army and travelling, he opted to move back to the farm.

Keeping chickens alive and healthy is all about heat management. The first ten days to two weeks requires the temperature to be around 30 degrees and not differ by more than 2 degrees. One has to get up several times during the night to check on the temperature.

Gerald joined the team and has become Justin’s right hand man, sharing the responsibilities with him.

Justin loves the farming community. Everyone gets along and helps one another. He refers to Gerrit being a great boss, who wants to see his growers do well. As farming is a tough industry to be in, it helps to know that people have your back.

Justin recalls a change in the weather patterns in the late ’90s. In 2000 the regular rainfall stopped. That year, his first child was also born.

He mentions: “To make it in farming, you have got to produce and you have got to sell.”

When Justin finally got into chicken farming, it was a turnaround point for him. “You have got to look after them well, you have got to manage them well.” For the first three years, Lara and Justin looked after all the chickens themselves.

“To make it in farming, you have got to produce and you have got to sell.”