Introducing Farmer Leonard, or Len as we call him. He has been a farmer all his life. His dad was a foreman on a farm and then purchased the land that Len currently farms on.

Even though Leonard is one of the Noorsveld Chickens farmers, his main line of farming is with Angora Goats. Furthermore, on his 4000 hectare farm, he also has Merino Sheep and some game animals.

When you ask Leonard what he likes doing in his spare time, he loves flying his Microlight on the farm and fixing engines in his workshop. On special occasions, when he and his wife do get away, they like taking the motorbike for road trips.

We asked Leonard if there is anything else he would do if he did not farm. Both he and his wife mentioned that if they retire one day, the dream is to buy a house close to the ocean. As Len loves working with mechanical parts, they might consider opening up a spares shop. His wife is passionate about sport and loves baking.

“Len loves flying his Microlight on the farm and fixing engines in his workshop.”

Leonard has been a part of the Noorsveld Chickens family for just over three years. His farm, situated North of Jansenville, can house up to 18 000 birds! They make a great addition to his diverse farming portfolio.

Leonard is a people-centric person. He and his wife are very involved with the local community, their neighbours and their friends. Not only is this the way of the Karoo, but that is also just the kind of people that they are. They love the community that they stay in.