Meet Awie Smit! Farmer Awie has been with us for five years.

Awie was one of the very first farmers to join the Noorsveld Chicken vision. When he started working with us, he took care of 560 chicks, through the years he was able to upgrade, expand and gain knowledge. His new shed can house 17 000 chicks.


Farmer Awie fondly remembers his early days of chicken farming, getting up through the night to make sure the temperatures are just right.

It was all a big learning curve in creating the perfect environment for his chickens. Now, reading his birds has become second nature.

We asked Awie if he had any hobbies and he mentioned that he used to play cricket when he was younger but these days his farm is his hobby. 

He enjoys what he does and is passionate about stewarding what has been given to him.

You can immediately see it when he is around the chickens.

Awie shares the farm with his wife, Ronel, who runs her own printing business in Jansenville.

His family has been on the farm for generations. This is evident when you see the family graveyard across the busy R75 road.

We chuckled as he mentioned, his dad, his grandparents and great grandparents are all keeping an eye on him and the chicken farming.