We are excited to introduce Tertuis Groenewald to you! He is one of the Noorsveld Chickens farmers and has been a part of our family for about four years.

When Tertuis joined Noorsveld Chickens a couple of years ago, he started with 3500 chicks. Today, he houses around 12 000 birds which can be increased to 14 000 should the need arise.

When you ask farmer Tertuis what he enjoys most about farming, he mentions the fact that he loves being his own boss. He is also in charge of his time and can adjust his calendar when he needs to.

“Tertius loves being his own boss. He is in charge of his own time…

Checking in on the chicks every two hours and making sure the temperature is just right is no easy feat. That said, it is not all that Tertius does on his farm. He also farms cattle and sheep, and is involved in hunting.

Being a farmer can be a lonely occupation. Tertuis is blessed to be sharing the farm and responsibilities with his beautiful family. His wife and four children love life on the farm